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Shamit Khemka is the Founder and CEO of SynapseIndia, a premier IT outsourcing company based in India. Focusing on open-source frameworks and e-commerce, SynapseIndia provides software development and custom web mobile applications, primarily working with customers in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Over the last 23-plus years, the company has delivered over 10,000 projects for clients such as the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Steve Madden, IBM, 3M, and Johnson & Johnson.

A commerce graduate in finance and economics from St. Xavier College, Shamit was resolute about launching a business right after college. He has comprehensive business expertise in technology businesses, including executive management, business ownership, international business relations, project management, consulting, and e-business. He is also a member of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) and YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) in New Delhi, India.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Shamit Khemka talks about how SynapseIndia started
  • How Shamit recovered when his company went under
  • The evolution of the services SynapseIndia offers
  • How Shamit overcomes the stigma around using Indian-based companies
  • How to recruit, hire, and retain talent
  • Shamit shares his experience working with big brands
  • Common mistakes people make with their Shopify or e-commerce site
  • Shamit’s advice for growth-minded leaders

In this episode…

Technology is constantly evolving. As an IT company, how can you stay ahead of the game and provide end-to-end solutions to your clients?

Shamit Khemka has been in the technology industry for decades and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working with large organizations. He has successfully run his company SynapseIndia since 1999. He says that for IT companies to excel, they need to be innovative, be on the lookout for technological advancement, and know their clients’ needs.

Tune into this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz as he welcomes the Founder and CEO of SynapseIndia, Shamit Khemka. Shamit talks about SynapseIndia, the evolution of its services, how he overcame the stigma around using Indian-based companies, and how to recruit, hire, and retain top talent in the IT space.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:01

You are listening to Inspired Insider with your host, Dr. Jeremy Weisz. 

Jeremy Weisz 0:22

Dr. Jeremy Weisz here founder of where I talk with inspirational entrepreneurs and leaders today is no different. I’ve Shamit Khemka of SynapseIndia and Shamit. Before I formally introduce you, I always like to point out other great episodes of the podcast. And since you are you’ve been in EO for many, many years, you’ve headed up some of the you know, actual city in for EO and being the president. So there’s some other EO podcasts to checkout I’ve Mat Zalk, who is an EO Tulsa, I had Orin Klopper, who is an EO, South Africa, I had Ethan King, the co founder of Zeus, his closet and yo Atlanta, and just all over the it’s all over the world all over the country. And David Anderson of off Madison Avenue, just a few of the I can go on and on. But all of them are amazing interviews, and they talk about their journey and some great business lessons there. So check those out. And this episode is brought to you by Rise25 and Rise25 we help businesses give to connect to their dream 100 relationships. And how do we do that we actually help you run your podcast. So we’re an easy button for a business to launch around their podcast. We do strategy, accountability, and full execution of everything. So you know Shamit, for me, the number one thing in my life is relationships. And I’m always looking at ways to give to my best relationships. And I found no better way to do that than to profile the people and companies I most admire and share with the world what they’re working on. So if you’ve thought about podcasting, you should go to You have questions? Email us. And actually, that’s what you know, first, Shimon and I met through EO and someone was looking for recommendation, and I went out searching in my EO network, who would be good to refer. And that’s how we met and so hopefully, I was able to refer him some business if that happens, and or maybe in the future, regardless. So, just formally introduce Schmidt cam, because the founder of SynapseIndia is a premier IT outsourcing company, and SynapseIndia provides software development and custom web mobile applications. They have customers throughout the world with most in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada, their focus is open source frameworks and e-commerce. They’re also a Microsoft Certified Gold partner. And over the last 23 plus years, the company has successfully delivered over 10,000 projects with such clients as 3am, Steve Madden, IBM, Johnson, and Johnson and of course, EO and Shamit. Thanks for joining me.

Shamit Khemka 3:07

I’m looking forward to it. Jeremy,

Jeremy Weisz 3:09

you have an incredible journey, and we’re going to talk about it because you we even talked, you know, before we hit record of you starting in email service, back in, I think it was, was it 93 What year was it? Yeah. 9494. So we’ll go back to your, your, you’ve always been ahead of your time here. But talk about SynapseIndia and what you do a little bit first?

Shamit Khemka 3:37

Sure. So we started this journey SynapseIndia in 1999. This was born out of that was called sample So we tried to replicate one of the, you know, real estate models that we’d seen in the US successful models in the US in India, but it was far ahead of its time, especially for our country at that point. And it sort of went belly up within a few months. And then, you know, we had some computers left some great programmers, and he said, What can we do? And I had, you know, done some websites for companies, corporates in east of India before before moving to Delhi. So I said, let’s, let’s give this a try. Let’s do website, let’s do, you know, web based software. And that’s where SynapseIndia really took off. And, you know, we had slow organic growth for the first few years. And but it was fun, you know, it was always cash positive. So we never had to, you know, reach out and borrow any money, which was a great, you know, I like to fund myself as much as I can. So that was good. And then, you know, I joined EO after crossing that 1 million threshold that year requires in the year two 2006 And from there, you know, we just grew very rapidly very, very quickly, very rapidly. And I think, you know, one, if there’s one thing in here that really helped, that was the MIT program, which was early called birthing of giants now called entrepreneurs master’s program. So I attended that program for three years, and then came back and actually tried to replicate that program in India, with the Indian School of Business, we ran that for three years as well. Almost 60 people in each batch. And these these six years were very instrumental in

Jeremy Weisz 5:37

growth. I want to talk about, we’ll talk about the evolution of your services for a second, but I want to go back to because you kind of casually say, we went belly up. And at the time, it’s traumatizing, I’m sure. Looking back, you can kind of go oh, you know, we’ve grown so much. But at the time, you say we went belly up. You could have just gone out and gotten a job. But it sounds like, I don’t know, what worries me your mindset and thinking around that, how you just bounce the like, hey, we’ll use our stuff and what we have, and we’ll start again, right? What were you thinking of the time when they went

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