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Rajat Garg got his MS at Stanford and at Amazon. Over the past several years, his company has registered over 1.5 million businesses. Listen to why he was scared sh*tless and what he did to get past it.




What will you learn in this interview?
– How did he get his first sale and validate his idea?
– How did he get his biggest sale?

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:
Vin Diesel facebook page


Rajat founded SocialAppsHQ, which offers one of the largest platform of Facebook applications for businesses to engage fans and promote their brand.

His specialties include flying planes.

SocialAppsHQ is an All-in-One social media marketing platform that allows our customers to Listen & Monitor for any keyword across the web using Social Media Monitoring, Engage via Social Planner and run super viral campaigns using our largest Facebook App store on planet. Over a million businesses depend on SocialAppsHQ to run their social media marketing campaigns e.g. Better Business Bureau (BBB), Cadbury Bournville, Vin Diesel, RedBus, AARP, and WebMediaBrands.

Rajat Garg is also the Founder of

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SocialAppsHQ –

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