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Peep Laja is one of the Top Conversion Marketing Experts and is the founder of the conversion optimization agency Markitekt. He also run one of the world’s most popular conversion optimization blogs, ConversionXL that gets over 140,000 visitors per month.




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What will you learn in this interview?
– What has been the lowest moment for him in his career and how did he get through it?
– What is his proudest moment?


Peep is the founder of Markitekt and he is a big believer in evidence based marketing. Everything he does comes from analysis, data, studies and insights from customer research.

Peep’s specialty is conversion optimization – helping companies get more revenue from their website. He has the knack for looking at vast amounts of various data, putting the picture together and translating that into necessary steps to improve conversion rate.

His specialties include: Conversion optimization, data analysis, user experience design, boosting online sales, conversion optimized design.

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