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Dealing with difficult people is the first thing Omar Sayyed (SIGHYEED) mentioned when asked about his lowest point in business. Omar is the Co-founder and CEO of | | and (ALAN) that started in 2000. The company started off literally fulfilling orders out of a co-founder’s living room. They have managed to grow into the world’s largest online men’s and women’s accessories retailer.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:09] Jeremy’s introduction of Omar Sayyed.
  • [1:04] Why looking at Omar makes Jeremy want to up his game.
  • [1:48] Omar’s lowest professional moment: Dealing with difficult people.
  • [9:50] The proudest business moments Omar has experienced.
  • [16:16] The timeline for acquiring – beginning to end.
  • [22:55] How to connect with Omar.
  • [24:40[ The story behind Sock Genius.
  • [27:54] A business idea Omar has that someone else is invited to steal: An app that allows you to insert memes.

In this episode…

One of the most difficult parts of leading any business is the task of dealing with difficult people that inevitably wind up on the team. For Omar Sayyed, he inherited some key team members when he moved into a leadership position and quickly became aware of areas where he and the team member were not in alignment. It was an issue he knew he had to deal with immediately.

What does it look like to deal with a difficult team member? Much of how to approach it has to do with the personalities involved and the issues that are revealing the need for a chat. Omar Sayyed believes that alignment is vital to a smooth working team and on this episode he tells the story of how he addressed some alignment issues with a team member early on in his leadership of his company.

The savvy and wisdom  you need to broach a difficult subject with an important team member is not something you are able to learn quickly – it takes a lot of understanding of human nature and the dynamics of relationships. But one thing is certain, the longer you delay the more needful that conversation will become. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

On this episode of Inspired Insider Omar Sayyed is going to share his lowest moment in business and it had to do with how he dealt with difficult people on his team. You’ll learn a lot from this revealing peek into the inner workings of the leadership of a successful online ecommerce company.

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