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Today we have Michael Lovitch who went from founding the Hypnosis Network to coFounder of Real Dose Nutrition that has had over 360,000 customers to the co-founder of Baby BathWater Institute. Our mutual friend David Gonzalez introduced us and said… “Michael has been a friend for many years, he started a seven-figure publishing company and an eight-figure nutritional supplement company. But more importantly, the time and care that he and Hollis put into the Baby BathWater event is nuts…”



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:50] Jeremy’s introduction to his guest, Michael Lovitch.
  • [3:40] Michael talks about his family and his dream growing up.
  • [4:50] The vision for Baby Bathwater.
  • [8:00] Who does Michael go to for advice?
  • [9:30] Michael talks about his hot wings championship.
  • [13:00] Work life balance.

In this episode…

Do you know the power of networking? Have you made the right connection at the right time that ended up having a significant impact on your life? Michael Lovitch and his team at Baby Bathwater wants every business leader to make meaningful connections through the power of networking. Michael’s vision is unique from most “networking” circles, he doesn’t want people to pitch or sell to their peers, he wants them to truly connect. To hear more about Baby Bathwater and Michael’s story, make sure to listen to this episode of Inspired Insider!

What are you dreaming about right now? What are you working toward that keeps you up at night and fuels your passion? Hold on tight to that dream and press through difficulty you run into along the way, it’s worth it! On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader Michael Lovitch. He talks about his dream project, Baby Bathwater and how it has taken off and seen great success over the last three years. You can catch Michael’s excitement as he shares about the future of Baby Bathwater and the awesome things that he and his team are dreaming of. This is a powerful and exciting episode that you don’t want to miss!

Do you have people in your life you can trust that will help propel you to the next level of success in life and business? People that you place around you and that you allow to have influence in your life can make a huge impact on the degree of success you experience. On this episode of Inspired Insider, Michael Lovitch shares how he has been able to cultivate critical relationships that have made a significant difference in his life. If you’d like to hear more of Michael’s story, make sure to catch this episode!

Can you really have a thriving family life and a successful career in business? Many leaders and entrepreneurs struggle with finding the right formula for a healthy work-life balance. On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from successful business leader Michael Lovitch and his take on integrating his family life with his professional endeavors. He graciously shares how he and his wife work together to raise their daughter and how they’ve been able to bring her along on their journey as entrepreneurs. This is a fascinating episode that you don’t want to miss!

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