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Mark Daoust founded Quiet Light Brokerage in 2007, they help entrepreneurs with an online business sell their website for maximum value. He started Quiet Light after selling an online publication that he built to over 220,000 subscribers and since has helped thousands of entrepreneurs sell their business.



Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:05] Jeremy introduces his guest, Mark Daoust.
  • [3:00] Mark talks about how he evaluates ecommerce websites to sell.
  • [10:00] How do buyers secure finances to purchase a business for sale?
  • [15:30] Creative financing plans Mark has seen.
  • [19:30] Don’t wait too long to get your company a valuation.

In this episode…

What is the process like to get a business appraisal? Is it worth your time to go through an appraisal even if you aren’t ready to sell? What benefit does it serve to get your business appraised? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from business leader and entrepreneur Mark Daoust. Mark started Quiet Light Brokerage to help small business leaders get a proper business appraisal and start the process to sell their company to a vetted and financed purchase. Mark opens up about how he appraises companies, what the process involves, how buyers put together the finances needed for a purchase, and why business should get an appraisal even if they aren’t ready to sell. You don’t want to miss this helpful episode!

Which ecommerce businesses end up being more desirable and profitable when being sold? How can business leaders position their company to bring the most value in the marketplace? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from business leader Mark Daoust. Mark explains how businesses usually fare on the open market. In particular, Mark goes over an example from the Quiet Light Brokerage website of an ecommerce business that is listed but has a lower valuation because of its age. Mark shares a few other factors that he looks at when he does a business appraisal and how business owners can make the most of their companies assets to get the most value. To hear more on this subject, make sure to catch this episode!

Does the prospect of buying and selling businesses intrigue you? Have you ever wondered, not only what the process was like as a seller but also as a buyer? What does it take to gather the finances to purchase an already operational business? How do you proceed with the business appraisal and how do you secure the financing? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear from entrepreneur Mark Daoust. Mark walks through what the process looks like for someone who is interesting in purchasing a business like the ones his company acts as a broker for. You’ll hear all about the different financing options and even some creative financing stories that Mark has to share. Don’t miss this interesting episode!

Getting a business appraisal is only for business owners who are interested in selling, right? Think again! What you learn on this episode of Inspired Insider will change your mind. You’ll hear from business leader Mark Daoust as he goes over the reasons why business leaders like you should consider getting an appraisal. You have nothing to lose and some very helpful information to gain. Through the process, you’ll get great insight on what outside eyes view as your most valuable and your least valuable assets and efforts. This information can really help you take an honest look at where you are focusing your resources and why. To hear more about Mark and the service his company provides, make sure to catch this episode!

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