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John Dwyer (JD) is the Founder of The Institute of Wow. He has created marketing that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for his clients. JD has advised McDonald’s, KFC, Westfield and has worked closely with the Walt Disney & Warner Bros. Entertainment empires in Australia. He has been called the Seinfeld Guy because he scored huge by getting Jerry Seinfeld as the spokesman for a client in Australia when Jerry had only done two other advertising campaigns up until then, for Amex & Microsoft.




To give you an idea of JD’s campaigns that resulted in an avalanche of responses …

One of his marketing concepts generated over 804,000 phone calls in just 1 week!


John Dwyer (known as “JD” by most of his clients) is a top direct response marketer. When it comes to creating sales for small businesses, his “thinking” is refreshingly unconventional.
John preaches “in a sea of sameness in your industry, you need to stand out like a beacon – and the best way to do this is by using wow factor marketing techniques”. He knows how to help you find your “unique selling proposition” and can show you the most powerful methods of delivering it to the right prospects.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, John attended De La Salle Catholic schools, followed by gaining his Advertising and Marketing degrees in the years thereafter. After spending some years in the marketing arena with the giant Grace Bros retailer at Roselands in Sydney, John was offered the role of National Marketing Manager in the Woolworths company whilst still in his twenties. During his time with both retail giants, he showcased his unique talents via many “value-add” marketing concepts, many resulting in avalanche consumer response.

The next step for John was establishing his own Advertising/Marketing Agency in Sydney, appropriately called Dynamic Ideas. It is during this time that John really “honed” his skills with wow factor marketing. Contracted by the likes of News Ltd, the Nine Television Network, KFC and Westfield shopping towns, John was kept busy devising marketing strategies to dramatically increase readers, audiences and customers.

After achieving spectacular results for such big guns, his reputation spread and it wasn’t long before his client list included ACP Magazines, 7-Eleven, Coca Cola, Video Ezy, Caltex and McDonalds. His “wow factor” thinking had achieved some remarkable “runs on the board” and everyone wanted a taste of it. Having created marketing concepts that had achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for his clients, John then decided that he’d like to produce his own products so that he could enjoy a direct benefit from his “wow factor” marketing.

JD got into the Trading Card business, while still owning the marketing agency, which by this time had 25 staff. He gained licenses for popular sports and movies and quickly used his marketing prowess to take trading cards to a whole new level of importance with the target audience of teenage males.

By providing News Ltd Sunday newspapers with millions of free trading cards for weekend giveaways, John was successful in catapulting his cards from a young boy’s hobby to front page news. In his first year, such promotional alliances helped John to increase sales of the NRL Rugby League cards from $2 million to $12 million – an incredible result! (Particularly when you consider that Rugby League is only played in Australia.)

After securing licensing deals with major players as Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Bros and Fox, John produced many trading card themes from Jurassic Park to Aladdin and Lion King – all launched with the News Ltd promotional “wow” of free samples. It didn’t take long for John’s incredible sales results to reach the ears of publishers and John ultimately sold the company in the mid nineties.

JD then produced several television shows for the TEN Network, one of them being, Dreams Can Come True. Once again, he “wowed” audiences with wonderful stories of dreams coming true for many people. And stars like Michael Jordon, Paul Hogan, Princess Di and Meatloaf helped him make some of the dreams come true. Since then, John has been in high demand for his marketing services and speaking engagements.

Jerry Seinfeld teams up with John! One of his highest profile clients is the Greater Building Society, for which John secured superstar, Jerry Seinfeld, to be spokesman. This marketing coup is a classic example of John’s “wow factor” thinking, where a relatively small Australian bank is now being promoted by one of the biggest stars on the planet!

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