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Chris Marlow is a master direct response copywriter and award-winning marketer of 30+ years. She has worked with small businesses all the way up to the Fortune 100 companies. She has worked with IBM, Nike, Reebok, Dell and many more. Listened to what happened when she was fighting for her life.


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Direct response copywriting has been Chris Marlow’s passion since discovering industry icons Dick Benson, Herschell Gordon Lewis and Bob Stone in the advertising section of Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, Oregon.

She began self-study in 1979 while still in college and was one of eight people on the board of the Oregon Direct Marketing Association at its start in 1990. Two decades after graduating from Portland State University, she’s a highly accomplished, award-winning direct response copywriter with an extensive portfolio of successful direct response campaigns and controls.

Her copywriting successes have been shaped in part by her work with some of the nation’s leading direct response agencies: Rosen/Brown Direct in Portland, Oregon, Direct Response Solutions (also Portland), The Kern Organization in Woodland Hills, California, and Creative Direct Marketing Solutions (Torrance, California), four respected direct marketing agencies noted for generating consistently high response rates.

Since 1996, Chris has offered her talents, skills, and experience to such national business leaders as IBM, Blue Cross, Nike, Reebok, Toyota, TRW, Willamette Industries, and many leading technology firms including Qualcomm, Dell Computer, and Novell.
Chris also has a strong background in software, having written direct mail and online promotions for more than 40 enterprise-level, mid-size, and small software and technology companies. Some notable clients include Microsoft, Intuit, Network Associates, Best Software, VeriSign, Symantec, MetaCreations, and Epicor.

Unlike many copywriters, Chris has worked with nearly every category of business in both business-to-business and business-to- consumer, and a broad array of formats, from classic packages to magalogs to 3-dimensional campaigns and all forms of online. Since 2003 Chris has taught hundreds of copywriters how to write effective White Papers and 3-dimensional campaigns that bring in the leads and the ROI.

Some of her copywriting categories include technology, health publishers (Women’s Health Advocate, FC&A Publishing), business publishers (American Business Journals), banks (U.S. National Bank), utilities (Portland General Electric, Northwest Natural Gas), and education (Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology).
Chris also teaches corporate copywriters (Wal-Mart, Intuit) and business owners how to improve their business, copywriting and strategic skills. Her marketing acumen has allowed her to help copywriters create “controls” for their clients — marketing campaigns that cannot be beat.

Her acclaimed course, The Marlow Marketing Method™, has been the copywriting industry’s premier course for advanced copywriting and marketing since 2003. Today she also offers a membership site for copywriters who exhibit a desire to excel in their career and dominate their niche.

In 1994 Chris received her first award for copywriting, the Pioneer Award, which recognizes exceptional creative. That same year she received two ECHO Awards — the highest award in direct marketing — from the International Direct Marketing Association, for exceptional results in marketing campaigns.
Yet another ECHO Award followed, and then one more in 1995 — a regional MAXI Award — again for exceptional results. Chris is publisher of the world’s only statistical study of copywriter fees and business economics.
She’s an accomplished speaker and presenter and has spoken to both small and large audiences. Here, Chris is presenting at the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) Bootcamp Conference in Del Ray, Florida in 2008:
Chris has many testimonials of the successful copywriters and service providers she’s helped, and a reputation as a “guru maker.” She’s also noted for her integrity as a person and caring as a coach.
Today her passion is the S.S. Treasure Hunt — her copywriting, marketing and motivation membership site exclusive to high-achieving copywriters.

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