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Jeremy Weisz 3:12

So that signed me up for that I interviewed a guy Serato to go and there were just containers, where who knew how popular this was that people can just clip on. So talk about why did you start this company?

Brian Lai 3:24

So my wife is actually her. My father in law is actually a food scientists. So she kind of grew up seeing all the different innovations that he would come home and ask them to try like, what do you think of this new bar? He worked at Kellogg, so he developed a lot of Special K bar all the bars that they have. So she’s always been intrigued. And then I’m an entrepreneur. So I have a few businesses before this one. And one day they’re retired. So one day one of her uncle’s came to the house and he’s also a food scientist. So he kind of showed us the product. And he’s like, do you guys think he could sell this and we thought it was an amazing product. It was pasta made 100% from beans. So we tried to did some market research and said hey, this is a great product and we really need to get it to market. And that’s kind of how we all started the only being

Jeremy Weisz 4:13

in so like someone like that people who have gluten intolerances or especially for pasta or snacks. I imagine that fits a need there.

Brian Lai 4:20

Yes, definitely. So our products are gluten free, vegan, non GMO, our pasta is organic. Our snacks are Non GMO Project verified. It’s also kosher keto friendly, low carb. So basically check all

Jeremy Weisz 4:34

the boxes, checks all the boxes. So Brian, what other businesses did you have?

Brian Lai 4:38

So previous to this, I was an Amazon seller, so I was working with factories all over the world and sourcing and then private labeling and also creating my own products as well. So I come from an E commerce background in the food space or No, I actually sold coffee and tea accessories. So things that make like cold brew coffee you liked specialty coffee products. And then the food space is kind of new. But we started ecommerce first so it kind of made sense to us and then grew into distribution.

Jeremy Weisz 5:10

So where can people check out and learn more website on Amazon? Where should they go?

Brian Lai 5:14

Yeah, so only being you can also go to the only Or we’re also on as well.

Jeremy Weisz 5:21

All right, I’m looking forward to the soy wasabi Yes, the only bean Thanks everyone. Thank you.