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Andre Chaperon is one of the top email marketing experts on the planet. His Autoresponder Madness Course is the #1 Email Marketing Course endorsed by some of the biggest names in the marketing industry because of the tremendous results people get.

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What Inspires Andre Chaperon? “Super Human” E-mailer…

Quick Story: I was on the phone with a friend one morning and he started ranting about how he was second in an affiliate promotion with some big cash prizes. He said he was a DISTANT second and this other guy is SUPER HUMAN. I somehow immediately knew who he was talking about and I interrupted and asked who this superhuman person was. He stated, “Andre Chaperon”.

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Andre Chaperon is one of the top email marketing experts on the planet. From winning countless affiliate competitions (with tiny lists) to creating the game-changing course Autoresponder Madness, Andre has become known as THE go-to guy in the email world.

Andre believes that by focusing your marketing efforts on building — and nurturing — a trusting relationship with your email list, you can realistically double or TRIPLE the amount of money you make.

Some of the big names who endorse Andre’s work include industry veterans like Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani, Rich Schefren, Harlan Kilstein, Kevin Nations and Jeff Walker.

Andre is the co-founder of TLB and has been a full-time internet marketer since October 23, 2003 and has not worked for a “boss” since.

Even though he is ultra successful now, he states that the first two years of going at this crazy stuff was tough and “didn’t know what the hell he was doing” in the beginning.

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