Selling over 1.2 million Books to Give His Kids a Better Life -with Ron Douglas [Inspiration & Overcome Challenges]

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Ron Douglas founded , a multimillion dollar publishing business, during his lunch break while working at Chase. He became a NY times Best Selling Author while scoring $5.8 million in free advertising from the media.

Watch this interview: [Video & mp3 included]
-Ron shares personal stories that made us both tear up.
-What inspired him to succeed and sell Over 1.1 million books.

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What else will you listen to and learn in this interview?
-He has sold Over 1.1 million books sold with Simon & Schuster
-He has been featured on Featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, NBC, Home Shopping Network–been on 7 times, Wendy Williams Show, People Magazine, etc
-What is Ron’s morning routine that gives him focus and energy?

Ron was Top 5 scorers in the history at his college when he played college basketball at stoney brook

Business Mentors, Tools, Books mentioned:

Yanik Silver
Corey Rudl
Joe Vitale

A little background about Ron:

Ron Douglas is a successful entrepreneur with over 12 years experience in Internet Marketing. His
portfolio of websites collectively get over 1.8 million views per month.

As an established expert in e-commerce, information marketing, and publicity, Ron is amongst an elite group of individuals who have grossed over a million dollars both with a niche focused Internet business and in traditional mainstream publishing.

In 2009, the huge following he built Online led to him signing a book deal with a major publisher and becoming New York Times Best Selling author. Ron’s “America’s Most Wanted Recipes” cookbook series with Simon & Schuster has sold over 1.2 million copies and has been featured on Good Morning America, Home Shopping Network, Fox News, ABC News, Good Day NY, Fox & Friends, the Wendy Williams Show, the Today Show Australia, the Today Show on MSN, and in People Magazine.

Ron holds an MBA in Finance & Investments, is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and has worked on Wall Street for J.P. Morgan and Citibank. However, in 2007 he left a promising career and 6-figure job to work from his home in Glen Cove, NY and spend more time with his kids.

Ron currently enjoys the “Internet Lifestyle” by publishing his email newsletters to a database of over 270,000 subscribers, earning advertising revenue from his websites, and collecting royalties from his books. He also enjoys launching new web projects and helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed.

Check out his site Publisher Academy to find out how he did it.

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  • Dr. Jeremy Weisz

    Ron, I have to admit I have watched this interview more than 6 times because the stories you tell are so captivating and personal. Thank you for sharing! Truly Amazing. I want to hear what your wife says about the last story you tell.

    • ron douglas

      Thanks Dr. Weisz, it was my pleasure. The interview and production came out great thanks to you and your team. I’m glad people got something good from those stories. My wife always laughs at that last story. She thinks it makes her seem mean and insensitive but she’s really a sweatheart (most of the time) lol.

      • Dr. Jeremy Weisz

        Hey Ron! I think it makes your wife completely NORMAL. My wife does the same type of thing. They keep us grounded. Thanks for being so open in the interview because the stories that you shared were really powerful.

  • Susan Diamond

    Great interview, love Ron’s story. Tnx

    • Dr. Jeremy Weisz

      Thanks Susan! What was your favorite part?

      • Susan Diamond

        It was interesting to hear how Ron got his big break, how he started driving traffic, how the media attention got him the book deal.

        • Dr. Jeremy Weisz

          I agree Susan. So much of Ron’s story is amazing. My favorite part is what he talks about at the end when his wife humbles him.

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  • David

    It’s been said that where you’re from is your competitive advantage. So all the tragedies, misfortunes, setbacks and disadvantages we start off with can propel us to a mindset where we can dominate our field. This interview is why I make sure I listen to as many Inspired Insider interviews as possible. There is always a great story to be told but when you identify with the pain from the story teller you gain an insight that is priceless.

    Thank you Ron for sharing your story!
    Thank you Jeremy for another great interview!

    • Dr. Jeremy Weisz

      Thanks for listening David and for your feedback.

      What is your competitive advantage from your upbringing that drives you?

      Mine I write about in the about page and will post the video in the future of the full story.

      I look forward to hearing yours!?

      • David

        Mine is similar to what Ron was saying as far as the competition in his neighborhood basketball-wise. I’ve always loved to compete even though earlier on in life I lost a lot. I learned that persistence is a choice that my background cultivated in me to never settle for a losing perspective.

        • Dr. Jeremy Weisz

          I know you were a football star…did you also play basketball? Do you talk about the struggles on your about page on the “earlier on in life when you lost a lot” ?

          • David

            Basketball was my 1st love so when I say lost a lot I mean getting picked last to play and then getting torched by older kids because I was younger and not physically ready. I wouldn’t say I was a football “star” but I learned from the beatings I took on the court and had a completely different mindset when I played football.

            Almost like going from the hunted to the hunter. I think a lot of time in business or entrepreneurship we have this mindset of only taking what we’re given. In sports, the great players and teams initiate their style of play and withstand stretches of adversity.

            I want to approach my business in that manner. It’s hard and yeah you lose some in the beginning. But the long term rewards are more than worth it.

          • Dr. Jeremy Weisz

            Thanks for sharing David. A lot of what we do in sports translates to business.